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  • Zomercarnaval 2020

    Zomercarnaval 2020

    We've tried FIGHTING and Writing,
    now it's time to LIME for FREEDOM!

    July 25th, Rotterdam The Netherlands
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  • Volunteers Wanted!

    Volunteers Wanted!

    For our Awókey Mas Freedom Limerz carnival group were looking for enthusiastic volunteers that are willing to help make Rotterdam Zomercarnaval 2020 another success!

    Do enjoy dancing and have a weakness for sweet soca music?

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Theme announcement for Rotterdam Carnival 2020 (Zomercarnaval)

First off we would like to wish everybody an abundance of blessings in love, health and prosperity for the year 2020! Last year we revealed the revelation between Angels & Jab Jab. We’ve learned that no matter how different we might think we are amongst each other, we all bleed the same color as we are all one, one human race. Zomercarnaval 2019 made it clear that we must start to behave in such matter and start uniting as one to build a better future for ourselves and our generations to come.

This year for Awókey Mas Freedom Limerz it’s all about strength, unity and transparency. It’s clear that the time has now arrived to unite and start building. It’s Crystal Clear! Therefor after our successful participation with Rotterdam carnival last year we’re proud and grateful to present to you our theme for Zomercarnaval 2020: “The Crystal Kingdom”. The crystal kingdom represents a unity amongst the people. A Unity based on a common interest, strength and trust.

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