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Rotterdam Unlimited and Summer Carnival 2020 canceled due to corona virus

The organization of Rotterdam Unlimited and Summer Carnival has decided to cancel the 2020 edition. The organization had previously announced that the five-day event in connection with the many roadworks, this year would be modestly realized, with the focus on the 35th edition of the Summer Carnival Street Parade. It now appears that this crowd puller cannot go ahead, so the entire event will be canceled this year.

Although government measures regarding the coronavirus regarding large-scale public events held after June 1 are still unclear, as a result of the measures, the majority of participating Summer Carnival Street Parade groups indicate that they are unable to prepare for the parade. Gathering in preparation for costumes and choreography is currently not possible, investments cannot be made as long as the event is unclear and it is difficult to find financiers, given the current crisis. Also, the awareness of the current insecurity of so many people lives so closely together.

“It was a difficult, but inevitable decision for both the board of Zomercarnaval and the board of Rotterdam Unlimited in these uncertain times. We regard health and safety as a top priority for participants, artists, crew and audience; continuing the preparations would not show much sense of reality, ”says festival director Guus Dutrieux.

The next edition of Rotterdam Unlimited, with the anniversary of the Summer Carnival Street Parade, will take place from 27 to 31 July 2021.

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