Rotterdam, July 29th - After their debut participation back in 2019, Awókey Mas is proud to be back on the road for Rotterdam Carnival in 2023. This year Julien Werleman, the group leader and DJ for Awókey Mas joined forces with Suzanne La Serpe to enable kids to also participate in the Rotterdam Carnival street parade. Suzanne has years of experiences working with kids as she used to manage the children’s section for carnival group La Differentia.  She was however forced to find a new group to work with after La Differentia decided to cease operations.

It seems as if Julien might have finally found his match. Working with children doesn’t come as a huge surprise either as Julien himself became a father of his first born back in 2020. When it comes to the music, DJ Jizza is already known for his female friendly DJ sets which of course also works good with children.

It’s is needless to say that Julien didn’t have to think twice when Suzanne approached him to join his group. They both identify soca music as the only suitable genre for carnival and as an icing on the cake, they both had worked with La Differentia. Julien, as part of his comeback actually volunteered as a DJ back in 2016 before launching his carnival group Awókey Mas.

This year’s theme for Awókey Mas “The Freedom Limerz” was “The Restoration of DAO”. This refers to the Asian philosophy of Yin Yang which signifies the journey, road or the way.

With tons of compliments, multiple interviews by local media including (NRC and NOS Jeugdjournaal) and not to mention the amazing costumes that our participants was wearing it is safe to say Awókey Mas 2023 was another huge success!

Julien gives a big thanks to Gemeente Rotterdam, Wijkraad Oud-Mathenesse, Cultuur Concreet, Opzoomer Mee, Creativa Designs, Dreams in HB, Suave Global, Suave Sounds, Stadsluisteren 010, the whole Awókey Mas Crew and off course our volunteers.   



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