As the year 2016 is coming to an end, most of you probably already noticed, Allianz Entertainment nowadays is being referred to as Awó! Key Entertainment.  

allianz ent ripThe name Allianz Entertainment, (which was originally chosen to represent the creation of an alliance of people working their way up in the music and entertainment industry) was unfortunately being associated with multiple organisations that shared similar names.  At first we didn’t bother with this so much. However, since we are now working towards implementing a new business strategy which includes the introduction of new innovative products and services to better serve entertainers and event organizers, we decided that a new identity was needed to better reflect the type of business we stand for.

logo awo keyAwó! Key Entertainment (Awó! Key Ent. for short) is derived from two important words. While “Awo” as in the Aruban and Dutch Antillean community  is also being used as a type of greeting, the word actually originally translates to “now” (as in “right now”). And as for “keys”, well I think we all at least once heard the expression: “Keys open doors”. There for the name Awó! Key Entertainment stands for the “The Key to today’s entertainment”

"A key that opens many locks is a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys  is no good.” Since the music and entertainment industry is continuously growing, it’s imperative that organisations operating in this industry stay innovating .

This year we put a lot of energy in widening our alliance with entertainers. This resulted in the introduction of two brand new radio shows. The Dancehall Explorer Radio Show (with Angel from Dancehall Explorer) and our latest show called Fantastic Live with DJ Fantastic.  In 2017 we will continue to grow our international alliance of entertainers based on collaborations. However we will also be working on fine-tuning the key (product & services) that we use to open doors for these entertainers.

Stick around in 2017 as we open more doors for entertainers while offering more entertainment for our music lovers around the world.

Happy Holidays and Respect & Blessings for 2017!

From the whole crew at Awó! Key Entertainment  



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