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HOELAHOEP Partyreport (Feb 7th, 2015)

B9 hPdEIIAAwfsJA dancehall party with a mission

A dancehall party in Rotterdam isn't exactly a novelty, but HOELAHOEP does stand out. The first party that has such a clear cut concept and a mission to "bring the Jamaican party vibe to Rotterdam with the hottest dancehall tunes and tropical hospitality". During these cold winter nights the two young ladies who organize this party want to make the temperature rise and have a party with unequivocally good vibes, but did they succeed?

Club Twentysix

The venue was not too big, but had a major advantage for this party since there were two levels. Upstairs was a mix of reggae, kizomba and other Caribbean music and downstairs was strictly dancehall. When dancehall is all you love, this is music to your ears, no waiting for the DJ to be done catering to the hiphop lovers or the couples that wanna dance all cute to their kizomba, no...straight dancehall tunes downstairs.

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New Secure Website Connection

It goes without saying that we would first like to wish all of our members a very happy, fulfilled and well entertained new year.

secure connectionAs a preparation to some interesting new features and services scheduled to be released this year, we are happy to announce that our website uses a secure internet connection to serve it’s visitors. With a secure internet connection to our server we can guarantee a better safety of your online personal data  and future purchases through our website. 

We are continually working on exciting new features and services to offer through our website and understand that online privacy is important. For more information on how you personal data is used and protected on our  site you can read our Privacy & Policy


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Comedian Russell Peters back in Holland Next Year

RPalmostfamousTHUMB Rotterdam, NL - Canada's number 1 comedy export, Russell Peters is scheduled to do another show in Holland next year.

After a sold out show in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam this year, Russel is scheduled do an other appearance in Ahoy Rotterdam for his "Almost Famous World Tour" featuring Russell's latest take on some of his favorite communities, jobs he can understand, cell phones, dating and his uncle who's never been punched in the mouth, plus Russell's signature lightening fast improv with the audience.

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