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Mobile Access

Rule Name Rule Description Points
New user Assign points to new users 100,00
Invite with success Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user when his friend registered with success 100,00
Referral points Allows referrer to get bonus points percentage points for all user points awarded to their referrals 1,00 %
Winner notification Sending a message to the user and administrators when the user has reached the maximum number of points required 0,00
Coupon points codes Allows users to enter a code in the module appropriate to get extra points 0,00
Raffle This rule allows to enable a raffle system. 0,00
Custom Assigns or remove custom points to specific users (Components -> AltaUserPoints -> Users -> Choice user -> Button Custom points) 0,00
Combined activities Combine the set of all actions in one activity from a specified date (perform database) 0,00
Webshop Coupon Conversion Allow users to convert their chipz (points) into coupon code with VirtueMart 0,00
Media Submission Reward submission of media 10,00
Submit a weblink Assign points when a user submit a weblink 5,00
Media Categorization Reward categorization of media 100,00
Chipz to Vendor Pays vendor for a sale 0,00
Cancel Vendor points Deduct points when an order item status changes from confirmed to canceled 0,00
Vendorpoints 2 Paypal Change vendorpoints to Paypal cash 0,00
Location Pinpoint Pinpointing your location 100,00
Purchase in our shop Purchase in our onlineshop 0,00
Event Submission Add new Event 25,00
E-ticket Purchase Buy Event-Jticketing with Alpha User Points 0,00
Buy SocialAds with AUP Buy SocialAds with Alpha User Points 0,00

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